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One of the most important monumental complexes left by Magna Graecia, its founders originally called it Poseidonia (in honor of Poseidon), but it is also a place for devotion to Hera and Athena.

Paestum is a trove of innumerable archaeological finds and decorative artifacts, many of which can be viewed inside the National Archaeological Museum.

Of immense beauty are the the three Doric temples, still in excellent condition, so much so that they are considered unique exemplars of the architecture of Magna Graecia: The Temple of Neptune (530 B.C. ) actuality dedicated to Hera, is in sandstone , and is the largest of Paestum’s temples; The Temple of Athena (500 B.C. ), is additionally known for being dedicated to Ceres; while the Basilica (540 B.C.) is dedicated to Hera . (source: www.italy.it)

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