Caves of Palinuro

3 February 2020 By Tour Comments Off

Palinuro is one of the most beautiful coastline of the entire Campania.

Palinuro, in the heart of Cilento, stretches with his cape with the characteristic shape of pentadactyl (5-fingers) in the unpolluted sea of the Cilento coast, in one of the most beautiful coastline of the entire Campania, with its falling rocks sharply to the sea from heights of over 50 meters, overlayer from the lighthouse, one of the most important of the entire Italian coast.
Palinuro’s principal tourist attraction is a boat ride around Capo Palinuro, however, is hidden beneath the surface of the waves, hanks to a huge amount of natural caves , almost 32, which , makes it a paradise, for divers.
Not to be missed, above the water level, the Blue Grotto, named for the spectacular reflections of light on water.
The Blue Grotto, is the cave most known to tourists and the easiest to get by boat, visitors can enjoy spectacular play of light that can be seen on the surface of the water.
In the northern part of the main tunnel opens a side branch, a sharp slope that ends after 18 meters along the path at an altitude of 15 meters, The south-east side of the central hall and at the end of the main tunnel opens onto the lighthouse , crowning the promontory: Various ruined forts are dotted along the headland, one which can be reached is just above the harbour, a pleasant contoured path runs along through flowers , to a ruined defensive tower , with great views of the coastline and town.